Upsidedowntown with Desperado Pilots

Monday, July 29 2019
August 2, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Hailing from Edmonton Alberta, rock trio Upsidedowntown was formed in April 2012 by Aaron Formaniuk (guitar/vocals) and Jackson Vasicek (drums). Having been friends since they were 16 as well as band mates on and off, the chemistry was already there. Jackson had just returned from living in Australia for a year and Aaron was itching to play some rock and roll, They set up in Jacksons dads basement and began to set the foundation for what they are today. They now have 2 EPs (Car, Car… Too) Western Canadian tours, Festival appearances, local radio play, a great new music video (Normal is Weird) and countless gigs under their belt. They thrill audiences with their signature light hearted yet explosive sound with high energy, positive, and fun live performances. With elements of April Wine, Sloan, and The Tragically Hip, Upsidedowntown belongs on rock radio and your favourite playlist.
Taking inspiration from all forms of music, it can be hard to pin this band down. Elements of dance, indie, and cranked-up rock make their way into everything that is Desperado Pilots. The driving principle of experimentation through rock and pop is crucial to the band philosophy, disguising the music that you love in ways that just might make you think twice; carrying the torch of Monty Python. “Now for something completely different…”
In April 2017, they released their debut EP “EL(EP)HANT”, the first voyage into their sonic identity. EL(EP)HANT is a three-song romp through the serene, the abrasive, and the groovy, with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics, strange imagery and messages of hope in times of despair. Each song represents a different watermark for the early period of the band, the 3 songs highlighting just how diverse their musical stylings could be. Loud, messy, and full of attitude, it was the first step the band would take on their creative journey.
In the summer of 2017, the Desperado Pilots met up with producer Shawn Barnes to record the single “Bon Voyage”. The song released to even greater reception than the previous EP, and it marked a turning point for the band.
With a new direction, the band set about recording new material using a DIY approach. Guided by their previous producer Shawn Barnes, the band recorded their latest singles “Don’t Look Behind You” and “Reality (is Edging Me Out)” themselves at their home studio – a shared space with local Edmonton talent Arkavello. It marks a drastic departure from the pop-drenched ear worm of their last single but with just as much explosive energy. There are more surprises around the corner, as the Desperado Pilots continue to record new music to culminate in a release early next year.

Just weird enough to raise an eyebrow, rocking enough to get down with, and honest enough to believe in, Desperado Pilots are taking on the world.

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