Jaydee Bixby

Jaydee Bixby

Sunday, December 16 2018

Country music is in Jaydee Bixby's blood. For generations, his relatives have been known as the Hillbilly Bixbys in Drumheller, AB, and Jaydee grew up singing at bars and rodeos with his parents' family band. Following in this great lineage of raw, honest country music is the 22-year-old's third full-length album, Work in Progress.

Having performed on stage since childhood, Jaydee was only 17 when he participated in Canadian Idol in 2007, reaching the finals and finishing in second place. From there, the young singer's life was a whirlwind of high-profile shows and media attention. He opened for icons like Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney and cracked the top 10 on the Canadian Albums Chart with his debut disc Cowboys and Cadillacs in 2008.

He continued to mature as a performer and a composer, collaborating with visionary songwriters in Nashville and releasing the album Easy to Love in 2010. This was followed by extensive touring, which helped cement Bixby as one of Canada's premiere country talents. "My career highlight has been going on the road," he enthuses. "Just a big old tour bus and my band. Whether we were playing a sold-out show in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or we were in the middle of the bald-headed Prairies in Manitoba, that was the happiest I could ever imagine myself."

Station on Jasper is the latest stop on his musical journey - join us Sunday, December 16 and experience Jaydee's rich barritones and rustic yodels for yourself. 

6:00PM - 2:00AM MST
Station On Jasper