Lionize with The Northbloods

Lionize with The Northbloods

Thursday, August 22 2019


On the brink of their 8th studio release, Washington, D.C. band Lionize have set a new standard for any band trying to create something new and exciting within their unique blend of heavy rock, funk and soul.  With a growing international fan -base built on their stunning live show and progressively innovative studio albums - the band is at the top of their creative game and show no signs of slowing down.  2019 features a new full length album with Clutch drummer Jean Paul Gaster behind the kit for an explosive set of songs that bring the band even closer to the tips of the tongues across mainstream rock fans.

Jean Paul Gaster says of the writing and recording process "I was honored when Lionize asked me to play drums on their new album. While I have worked with Lionize on many of their recordings to be involved as a player this time around was an opportunity of a lifetime. Nate, Hank, and Chris have grown into musicians that inspire as much as challenge me. It was thrill and the music we created is the best work the band has ever done. I’m excited for the fans to hear this unique mix of rock, funk and soul music."

With new songs, their own record label and a world tour lined up, Lionize is the embodiment of true spirit of Rock & Roll.


The Northbloods are an up and coming folk-rock band from the mercurial plains of Grande Prairie, Alberta. With a distinct, dynamic and powerful sound, these boys are guaranteed to have you stomping your feet and clapping your hands to their hypnotic rhythm. Be sure to check them out so you can experience firsthand what these sons of the north have to offer.

8:00PM - 2:00AM MDT
Station On Jasper