Shotty Horroh with Revolution Engine

Shotty Horroh with Revolution Engine

Tuesday, July 09 2019

Shotty Horroh, the acid‐tongued, viral battle rap legend, is dead; long live Shotty Horroh rock n’roll star.

On debut album Salt of the Earth, Horroh arrives like the fire‐breathing love child of Liam Gallagher, Alex Turner and Sid Vicious: spilling the true blood of Manchester’s council estates, snarling at a system built to hold him down.

A natural born hustler, Horroh discovered he had a natural talent for technical rhyming whilst whittling days away on the street corner. Eventually rising to become arguably the world’s best battle rapper ‐‐ at over 10 million plus views, his battle against Arsonal Da Rebel is the most watched English‐language battle of all time. Before long, Deadmau5 came calling and soon he was hanging with Jay Z, moving to Toronto and becoming a star of King of the Dot.

That era came to a sudden halt in May of 2017, when terrorists attacked Horroh's hometown.

Raised on a steady diet of Manchester City, Stone Roses and Oasis, when a guitar broke out one night in practice, the kernels of Salt of the Earth began to pop for Horroh. On songs such as “Shudehill,” “Alien” and “Dirty Old Town,” he digs deep into the reality and rubbish of modern life. It's the sound of a nation ‐‐ indeed, a world ‐‐ in crisis, told by its prodigal son.

7:00PM - 2:00AM MDT
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