Friday, November 11 2022

Friday November 11th - UBK presents...




VOLTAGE (Kings Of The Rollers - UK)



Undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to have emerged in drum & bass in recent years, Voltage is in huge demand as a DJ, producer and label owner. Make no mistakes: this exciting new producer is killing it on every single angle. Renowned for his ability to select for any crowd in front of him, Voltage delivers vibes you’ve genuinely never experienced before. With high profile shows at major rave destinations such as One Nation, A.W.O.L, Warning & Sunbeatz, his tried and tested all-style blend of jungle, jump up and deep, demonstratively dark rollers suits any dancehall in any corner of the globe large or small. Premier league support for Voltage’s productions from such a wide range of influential people from across the full spectrum of drum and bass include the likes of Andy C, Hype, Friction, Bailey, Hazard, Bryan Gee, Total Science, Heist,Ray Keith,Tyke and Annix to name a few. In fact Voltage’s productions are so popular they stormed the Drum&Bass Arena charts for weeks on end keeping the likes of Danny Byrd, Rockwell and Subfocus off the top spot! With backing from the D&B community and full support right across the board,this heavy wieght new producer deserves every ounce of attention and praise he’s getting right now.



INJA (Hospital / INJA Recordings - UK)



nja is an exceptional Artist and host whose work spans a huge variety of genres including hiphop, grime, drum and bass and freestyle poetry. His talent, energy and exceptional lyricism, both live and recorded, have garnered him continuous praise; a ‘lyrical wizard’ (IDj Magazine), with emcee skills ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ (HipHop Connection), he faultlessly crosses his musical barriers with the most recent ‘Skuff and Inja LP’ even displaying ‘forays into dancehall, electronica, vintage funk and contemporary folk’ (London Metro). He is the UK’s most energetic, crowd-pleasing and versatile performers. As well as performing, Inja co-runs Page to Performance, a UK-based education organisation with the central aim of bringing words and poetry to life. Here, he runs workshop and performance days in freestyle and freestyle poetry, lyric writing and emcee skills, both solo and with spoken word artist Hollie McNish. He works in schools, youth clubs and theaters.


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